Note: January 2013;  I finally got an order for a finished harp instead of a kit, so I was able to take new photos with my new digital camera. Hopefully this will make things much easier from now on....  Muis

How to Mount the Hardware and string an Unfinished Harp.

MOUNTING EYELETS onto the Sound Box inside and out,  ( for wire strung harps only.)

first put just a little glue (I prefer woodworker's glue) on the outside of the eyelet. Toothpicks are real handy for this.
press the eyelets into the holes in the soundbox, both inside and out. To make it easier to press the eyelets into the holes from the inside, find a small screw, so that the eyelet will fit upon the end. Use the screw to guide and push the eyelets into the holes.
Once you have all the eyelets in place take a paint pen (or nail polish) and color the eyelets for the C strings red and the F string Blue.

Mounting Zither Pins

  Remove the rivet pin from the tuning wrench Handle. Start by drilling a hole through the rivit with a 1/16" drill bit.

Then take a 1/8" drill and enlarge the hole from the other side until you barely and gently contact the metal rivit. Be very careful or you will damage the drill bit.

Now use the drill bit as shown to force the rivit out ot the wood handel

Save the handle and the rivet pin as you will be putting them back together.
Take the Tuning Wrench shaft and mount it in the end of a drill.  (Most cordless drills will NOT have the torque necessary. So use one that plugs into the wall but has variable speed)

Being very careful to aim the pin straight into the hole Use the drill to sink the zither pins about half way down. The small hole in the pin should be about half an inch from the wood surface.

    Put the handle back on the shaft of the tuning wrench and use it to line up the holes in the zither pins so they are all the same depth and pointing to the soundbox.  Put the Neck/pillar onto the sounbox. You are now ready to put the strings on. See next page.

Page Two: How to put Wire Strings on a brand new Harp

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