Bowed Psalteries

The world's easiest instrument to learn to play!


The Psaltery (the P is silent) appears  in the Bible, it is the english word for Zither (German) a flat hollow box with strings on top. Originally plucked and strummed.  These days small psalteries are called LapHarps (they are NOT harps, neither is an Autoharp)

When the Violin Bow was invented someone would have tried bowing a Psaltery and found that it worked. The long triangle shaped
Bowed Psaltery first appears in a Medieval Manuscript.

In the early 1900's different kinds of Bowed Psalteries were actually sold door-to-door.

Playing the Bowed Psaltery

Each string plays one note, and all of them are labeled with the letter of the note.  Place the Bow over the letter of the note and stroke it. 

With the C Scale (white notes of the Piano) on the right side, the Sharps/Flats (black notes) on the left, and every sring labelled, it's as easy as playing piano with one finger (you only play one string at a time, no chords or harmonies) and sounds like a violin. Since it can't play fast enough for Orchestra work, most people never of it, but it's Great for teaching children music.

If you've always wanted to play a musical instrument but never found one easy enough, now you have!

Choose Unicorn, Dragon, Rose, Cross, or Triskel soundhole.

Left handed Psalteries can made to order.

Product Info

30 strings,  2-1/2 Octaves
Low F to high Bflat
19 inches long, 6-1/2 inches wide

$200.00 +tax (CA only) + $11 Shipping 

Bow and Rosin,
tuning-Wrench and extra wire
and an EZ Play book (letters in the notes)

Dreamsinger Harps 3407 Arbor Rd, Lakewood, Ca. 90712
(no store front, mail only)



I have sold Bowed Psalteries to Music Teachers for teaching 6 year olds. Once they know the alphabet they can learn to play a Psaltery.

5-Year-Old Girl playing thepsaltery

If the universe is vibration, and physics says it is,
And the laws of the universe are the laws of vibration,
Then the universe obeys the laws of music: LET'S DANCE!