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Wire strung Celtic Harps,  Dulcimers dulcimers
 Bowed Psalteries Bowed Psaltery Door Harps or Doorharps doorharps
Unfinished Harp

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Scheduled Shows 2012

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 Central Coast Renaissance Faire - San Louis Obispo, Ca - July 21, 22

Art in the Park - Morrow Bay, Ca - Sept 1, 2, 3 (Labor Day)

Las Vegas Age of Chivalry - October 5, 6, 7

Tourney of the Phoenix - Oct. 26, 27, 28  - Poway, CA

Kearney Park - November 10, 11 - Fresno, CA

"Come and listen to my song,
Come and join and sing along
      Magick is in the song we sing
     Music is the key to every thing"

---Muis dreamsinger

[Picture of Muis]

Muis at

King Richards Faire Carver, MA  1989


25 years making and selling Harps at Renaissance faires

35 years as a member of the SCA (when did that happen?)
The registered Motto of
Lord Muis the Insane:
Ne insania patior, illa fruor
(I do not from insanity suffer, I enjoy the hell out of it!)

 Brother to the owner of the 

, sellers of fine corsets, Bustiers (pronounced boosteeay), anti-fashion clothing, costumes and accessories. (my Baby sister, we are so proud, really we are)

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Ne insania patior, illa fruor.:
(I do not from insanity suffer, instead I enjoy it!)
the official motto of Lord Muis the Insane SCA A.O.A. 1974